Allen R. Benton, Letters, 1871-1876

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during the day, and the nights are perfectly delightful, this always cool enough, no matter how warm the day, for a [?] at night. It is the best summer's night weather I ever saw. Our health has been good and I believe it will benefit both

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had fixed the time to be in Lincoln. I [?] Laura will explain the matters to Prof. Shepard. I reached [?] Friday night and left Tuesday night for Chicago and Lincoln Spent a day in Chicago looking after [?] matter. After arriving here we remained at a hotel about a week. We are now settled in a comfortable house. It will cost no more to live here, than in Ohio Except in fuel and house rent. Some articles of [?] necessity and meat, flour, potatoes are cheaper than in Ohio. [?] Eggs and butter and lard. The Board of Regents met at the appointment time, and I [?] ready with a place of work. They seemed satisfied with me and my plans for work. They appointed $ for furnishing and appliances most of which I shall expend for the [?]. This is a larger trust. They [?] me $500, on my salary which releives me very much. At the end of this month I think I will send you $50, from Indianapolis, and as soon as I can pay about $300, left at Alliances I shall [?] easy in circumstances. If you shall mark the balance down, let me know. Now you want to know how we like Lincoln. In short, first-rate. All the family are pleasant, and the climate is charming, the [?] had, a day or two of [?] hot weather but it is stopping about [?]

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Nebraska State University Chancellor's Office. Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 13 1871

Dear Father Your very welcome letter cause to hand a few days since, and at the first opportunity

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Nebraska State University CHANCELLOR'S OFFICE Lincoln, Neb., Jan 2 1872

Dear Father Your letter acknowl edges the receipt - of $100. Such as intent is received. To-day I sent to [?] the the Bank to send N

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