Allen R. Benton, Letters, 1871-1876

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Lincoln, Neb. June 25, 1871 Dear Father,

Since I left you in ? I have seen a good deal, and have done ? things to get settled here in Lincoln. I had a very pleasant trip and visit to St. ?, and on my return stopped at Rochester one day. All this was ? to me. At Rochestet, saw Ethan and his wife, and Henry B? and wife. They all were pleased to see me. Mrs. B. seemed especially to, and inquired about you particularly.

It was not convenient for me to stop over a day in Cleveland. Our time was to [sic] short, and I

during the day, and the nights are perfectly delightful, this always cool enough, no matter how warm the day, for a ? at night. It is the best summer's night weather I ever saw.

Our health has been good and I believe it will benefit both Grace's and her mothers.

My work is going to heavy before the opening of the University but I hope to bear it so as to keep health. The Board are so far very kind to me.

Our piano came perfectly safe.

I hope to hear from you soon. I presume Laura is getting ready to go to ? Chatterbox was a treasure to Mattie's. All send love to all at home.


A.R. Benton

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had fixed the time to be in Lincoln. I [?] Laura will explain the matters to Prof. Shepard. I reached [?] Friday night and left Tuesday night for Chicago and Lincoln Spent a day in Chicago looking after [?] matter. After arriving here we remained at a hotel about a week. We are now settled in a comfortable house. It will cost no more to live here, than in Ohio Except in fuel and house rent. Some articles of [?] necessity and meat, flour, potatoes are cheaper than in Ohio. [?] Eggs and butter and lard. The Board of Regents met at the appointment time, and I [?] ready with a place of

work. They seemed satisfied with me and my plans for work. They appointed $ for furnishing and appliances most of which I shall expend for the [?]. This is a larger trust. They [?] me $500, on my salary which releives me very much. At the end of this month I think I will send you $50, from Indianapolis, and as soon as I can pay about $300, left at Alliances I shall [?] easy in circumstances. If you shall mark the balance down, let me know. Now you want to know how we like Lincoln. In short, first-rate. All the family are pleasant, and the climate is charming, the [?] had, a day or two of [?] hot weather but it is stopping about [?]

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Nebraska State University Chancellor's Office. Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 13 1871

Dear Father Your very welcome letter cause to hand a few days since, and at the first opportunity

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not do that very long. I hope soon to have all my debts squared up - thus I will take a new start. About the 1st of Dec I expect to send you some money.

I have constant application from ? to sell some of my property them. But I presume it better to hold on to it.

Bro Bergess sold his 2 1/2 acres north of the University adjoining mine 2 1/2 acres for $5000.00 cash down. I gave for mine $1500 - ? years ago - But as long as I have my health and can earn money I intend to let it remain.

In a few days our

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Nebraska State University CHANCELLOR'S OFFICE Lincoln, Neb., Jan 2 1872

Dear Father Your letter acknowl edges the receipt - of $100. Such as intent is received. To-day I sent to [?] the the Bank to send N

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