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the next, and shall be declared elected upon receiving a majority of the votes cast, but may be elected by a unanimous vote of the meeting at which they are proposed.

SEC. 2. Honorary members may be proposed at any regular meeting, and shall be declared elected upon receiving a unanimous vote.

SEC. 3. The initiation fee shall be one dollar ($1), payable on the date of election, and the dues shall be three dollars ($3) per year, payable quarterly, in advance.

SEC. 4. Honorary members shall be exempt from all fees and dues and be entitled to all the privileges of membership except voting.

SEC. 5. Any member failing to pay dues within two months of the date on which they fall due shall be deemed in bad standing and have no voice in the affairs of the Society, and be so notified by the Financial Secretary, and shall forfeit membership, if dues are not paid, at the expiration of the third month, unless the Society orders otherwise.



The election of officers and members of the Executive Committee shall be by ballot, and they shall serve for one year from the first Wednesday of March, or until their successors are chosen and qualified.



SEC. 1. The President, and in his absence, the Vice-Presidents, in regular succession shall preside at all meetings, and, in carse of their absence, a Chairman, pro tem, shall be appointed.

SEC. 2. The Recording Secretary shall have charge of all correspondence and records of the Society.

SEC. 3. The Financial Secretary shall receive all fees, dues, and other moneys paid to the Society, give receipts for the same, and immediately pay them over to the Treasurer, taking his receipt therefor. He shall also keep a detailed account of all moneys that he receives.

SEC. 4. The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the Society and shall pay such bills and orders as may be approved by the Executive Committee. He shall furnish such bonds as the Executive Committee may require.

SEC. 5. The Executive Committee shall have general charge of the affairs of the Society.

SEC. 6. The duties of the Librarian shall be prescribed by the Executive Committee.



SEC. 1. The Recording Secretary shall record all donations to the Society, whether of money or