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The Maxwell Club

The Maxwell club, so far as the members of the present Senior
class in the College of Law can say, dates, like the common law,
from a time whereof the memory of man runneth not to the con
trary. When we joined the little band of the disciples of Black
stone, the Maxwell club had been long in existence and we hope it
may long continue to wield a beneficent influence over its members
and over the cause of debating in the University of Nebraska.
It is only of the recent history and the present condition of the
club that we purpose to speak. Early in the present school year
the club accepted a challenge by the Union Debating club to a joint
debate, and after a hard-fought argument the club's representatives
were declared victors by the judges.

The past two years, and particularly the present year, have been
a critical period in the history of the Maxwell club. The difficulties
under which it has labored are perhaps inherent in its situation ;
and unavoidable. "The law is a jealous mistress," and it is per
haps for that reason that her devotees in the University of Nebraska
do not find more time and inclination to woo the Goddess of De
bate. Be that as it may, it is unfortunately true that insufficient
preparation has been the chief fault in our regular debates, and
the chief stumbling block in the progress, growth, and influence of
the Maxwell club.

The difficulties of the situation have appealed strongly to some
of the members of the club, and the result has been the introduction
of various innovations and experiments, directed to the end of ren
dering the meetings more pleasant and profitable and thereby pro
moting interest in the club and in debating among the students of
the College of Law. The result of this movement has been an in
creasing tendency to omit the valuable parliamentary drill, which
is most unfortunate. But we sincerely hope and believe that the
situation is not entirely hopeless, that the problems of the Maxwell
club will be successfully solved, and that in the future the club will
do better and better work for itself, for its members, for the College
of Law, and for the University.



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