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articles of value, together with the names of the donors.

SEC. 2. No books, documents, or other property of the Society shall be removed from its rooms, except under such rules and regulations as the Executive Committee shall prescribe.

SEC. 3. No expense shall be incurred for the Society unless approved by three-fourths of the members present at a meeting, and no bills shall be paid unless certified to by the person authorized to contract the debt and audited by the Executive Committee.



SEC. 1. The regular order of business may be suspended upon a majority of the members present at a meeting voting in the affirmative.

SEC. 2. Accredited proxies will be accepted in the election of officers and in voting on amendments to the Constitution or By-Laws.

SEC. 3. Unless otherwise specified herein, the majority vote shall decide all questions brought before a meeting.

SEC. 4. The deliberations of the Society shall be governed by the provisions of "Cushing's Manual."

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