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Correspondence University Journal,


The CORRESPONDENCE UNIVERSITY JOURNAL has been established as the organ of the new


Of this ILLEGIBLE consisting of some twenty four different departments, embracing almost every subject desirable to be taught by correspondence, each department being under the charge of skilled professors, selected mainly from among the LEADING INSTITUTIONS of the Colleges, Normal and High Schools of the United States.

As the name implies, the instruction of the University is given through correspondence and the Journal serves to awaken and sustain the public interest as the medium of communication between the University and its patrons. The Journal will be devoted exclusively to subjects of Educational interest and to the work of the University. Each number will contain articles from the heads of the various departments, giving outlines of the work, of the month to be done by the students, or analyses and suggestions bearing upon such work; and the Journal will be expected to be taken, or at least read, by ever person connected in any way with the University. And, as the contributions will be by men eminent in their professions and valuable for their literary and pedagogical merits, it is presumed that a major part of the teachers of the United States, THOSE AT LEAST, WHO DESIRE TO KEEP UP WITH THE TIMES, will find this Journal an absolute necessity.

Four departments, the KINDERGARTEN, the COMMON SCHOOL, the HIGH SCHOOL, and the COLLEGE will be maintained separately, and will be ably edited by distinguished specialists.

Besides articles and extracts in the various languages, curious historical notes and queries, new solutions to mathematical problesm and a department of literary criticism will tend to the same end to make the Journal the most comprehensive educational periodical of the land and worthy of universal interest.


As an advertising medium, therefore, the value of the Journal is unique among educational publications, and cannot be surpassed and the rates (see other side) are low in view of the unusual character of its circulation.

The Journal will be issued on the first of each month.

Its pages are 12 inces to the column, divided into three columns. A limited amount of space will be devoted to advertisements of an educational or allied character. With the large and growing subscription list already obtained, and the gratuitous distribution of sample copies to the libraries and educational institutions of the entire country, as well as to a select list of the principal teachers in every section, it is expected that the average circulation of the Journal will not fall short of 10,000 monthly.

Advertisers who favor us should send in copy (or cut) by the 20th of the month, and state the number of lines of space the advertisement is to occupy, as well as the time it is to run, and the price. A discount of fiver per cent will be made on all advance payments of advertising.

Correspondence University Publishing Co.,
162 La Salle Street,

N. B. - To place this Journal in the hands of all teachers, we make the following liberal offers: To any one sending us two subscriptions we will send a third copy free; to agents and clubs of five, the price will be only $1.00 per copy. Every principal and superintendent should urge his teachers to form a club: and every college president should recommend the Journal to his students

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