Transcription Tips

Type what you see

Please type the words as they appear on the page. Retain misspelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. If a word is continued from one page to the next, please type only the characters that appear on that page. Use normal reading order (top to bottom, left to right) whenever possible. Example


It is helpful to provide hard returns at the ends of titles and other headings, as well as at the end of paragraphs. Please ignore all other formatting on the page, including tabs, indents, italics, and smallcaps. Example

Illegible text

If you can't read text on the page for any reason, please indicate it by using [illegible]. It may be helpful to use the site's zoom features to enhance readability. Example

Faded text on microfilm images

If you cannot read a letter because it is a faded microfilm image, please let us know. Please use the words "faded microfilm" in your comment so we know what to look for and how to track down the image.

Hart to read handwriting?

If you cannot read a letter or words because the handwriting proves challenging, please send along a message noting "difficult handwriting." You may add a question mark in brackets in place of the unreadable word or text, such as [?}. We will also try to help with the transcription.

Scientific terms

Please let us know if you have any challenges with scientific terms. We can locate our campus colleagues who may be able to help with the transcription or we may have other examples for comparison.

Photographs and other graphical elements

If there is readable text within the photograph or graphic, please transcribe that text, but otherwise you need not indicate the images. Example

Special characters, including Greek letters

If the character is a regular keyboard character, please enter it. For all other characters, please describe the symbol in brackets: ie, [square root of]. For Greek letters, please spell out: ie, Omega. Example

Personal inscriptions and library markings

Many of the yearbooks contain text not original to the yearbook, including personal inscriptions and library markings. This text does not need to be transcribed. Example

Blank pages

If a page contains no text (the page is completely blank or has only graphical elements), just save it as complete.

Sensitive images and text

Materials in the transcription project are historical. As such, they may contain racial or sexual stereotypes that are inappropriate by today's standards. They have been retained in order to fully represent the materials in their original context, and they should be transcribed following the same procedures as the other texts.

Other problems

Please use the comments section to note problems with or questions about transcriptions.


Please remember to save frequently, as your transcriptions will not be retained until you click "Save".

Contribution policy

Transcribers do not retain intellectual property rights to any material submitted. All contributions to the yearbook transcription project including comments are visible to the public and should not contain any information that should not be broadcast to the public. All contributions can be edited or deleted by others and will be deleted by project staff if they contain vulgar, offensive, or threatening language of any kind, or are clearly off-topic. Please report suspected inappropriate material to us here.